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Science-all thesaurus online will facilitate the main routine of compiling unique information content on your website.

What does it benefit to you?
1) Creation of unique content from available information for your websites
2) Reducing the time to rewrite the articles found and any information that is non-unique
3) The service is completely free and accessible to a wide range of webmasters
4) There are no restrictions about using this service
5) A large words database (about 50,000 words), taking into account the morphology the mount goes over 200,000 word forms, which covers more than 60-70% of the texts.

What is a thesaurus?
Synonymizer is a software complex that replaces certain words (phrases) in the source text with synonyms (words that are different in spelling and sound, but have very close or even equal meaning) from their own database in order to change the text and give it a certain uniqueness.

Why do I need a thesaurus?
Often this program is used for copywriting and rewriting; in fact, all that is associated with the creation of a unique text (content) on the Internet.

The history of the thesaurus.
This definition was introduced by the famous copywriter Kevindark on one of the SEO forums for the first time; it was used to describe the software complex that could facilitate the working routine on text rewriting. But at the moment the meaning of the word thesaurus has acquired a wider signigicance. Now this program is able not only to automatically change the editing, but also introduced new functions for humanizing the text, that is, the thesaurus goes under control of human quality.

The way thesaurus works.
All existing synonyms for today can be divided into two categories:
1) manual
2) automatic
Manual synonyms are a software complex that represents an independent choice for the user of a certain combination of synonyms from the existing database.
Automatic synonyms are an automatic program that does all the basic work on the text without human intervention. There are several types of substitutions are used for automatic synonyms: string and dictionary.

Humanized thesaurus.
So far there was no real quality product that ever developed that could process the text just as well as the person himself.
The main problems in creating a truly qualitative thesaurus are related to the following factors: - the selection of synonyms should depend on the meaning of the phrase.
- for instance, the English language does not have a particularly rigid framework, relative to the sequence of words, phrases in the sentence, which makes qualitative analysis difficult.
- Free reading of the synonymized text can be disrupted, since it is difficult to automatically take into account Zipf's law (that is when frequent words are replaced by frequent ones, and rare ones by rare words).

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