A diet that lowers risk for early death | Added: 11, August 2017

Low-fat foods, fruits and vegetables reduced the chance of dying in the next 10 years.

Researchers analyzed the diet of 2,500 Americans aged 70 and 79 and found that those who ate low-fat foods, as well as many fruits and vegetables, were unlikely to die within the next 10 years compared to people who preferred high-calorie food that includes whole milk, cheese and ice cream.

While the research scientists divided the participants into several groups according to their diet.

The study involved 6 groups: healthy food fans, high fat content dairy products, meat, fried food and alcohol, breakfast cereals, refined grains and sweets.

So, the group sitting on "healthy food" involved 374 people. They ate low-fat foods, fruits, cereals, poultry, fish and vegetables. 77 (21%) people from this group died during the next 10 years.

From 339 people who preferred sweets 104 died (32%). A diet saturated with dairy products with a high fat content killed 109 (34%) out of 332 people.