Gels and ointments or pills for pain relief: what's better? | Added: 13, August 2017

According to scientists it is better to use gels and ointments containing analgesics than painkillers to remove chronic knee pain.

Scientists conducted a study among 600 volunteers who are over 50. It turned out that the analgesic gels and ointments acted the same as the painkillers, but had fewer side effects.

According to statistics, one third of people who are over 50 suffer knee pain. Half of such cases are considered to be serious. The most common reason for a knee pain is osteoarthritis.

This disease is characterized by degeneration of the articular cartilage with subsequent changes in the subchondral bone and the development of marginal osteophytes, which leads to the cartilage replacement with bone tissue and concomitant damage to other components of the joint (synovium, ligaments).

Scientists concluded that it is better to use analgesic gels and ointments, since they have fewer side effects, which is an important factor. After taking analgesic tablets, there are sometimes side effects among which are stomach upset, increased blood pressure, and worsening of asthma symptoms.