Google has published a guide with tips for sites that are owned by health authorities and that publish important information about the coronavirus.
The new guide is designed to help organizations make COVID-19 information more accessible in search results.

The document covers the following issues:

· How to help users access site content as you go.

· The importance of nice content and headlines.

· Ways to check if a site appears for queries related to the coronavirus.

· How to analyze the most popular user queries on the topic of coronavirus.

· How to add structured data for frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Google also invites these organizations to join the technical support community, where they can get answers to questions on how to make their COVID-19 information appear in search results.
To join the community, you need to submit an application by using the form. Only domains belonging to ministries of health and other state-level organizations will be accepted into the group in the first place.
We should recall that Google My Business recently published a guide for healthcare providers.