Manicure and pedicure: how to cut nails to a newborn? | Added: 13, August 2017

Baby's nails start growing when it is still in a womb. Indeed, and the newborn also requires a hygienic procedure for nail care as soon it meets the world. Let's talk about this in details.

How to cut nails to a newborn?
It is not good to for a baby to have long nails, because he can scratch himself, but how to cut, when hands and legs are so small? Of course you cannot do this just after his/her birth, as the nails need to get stronger, but for now it is worth wearing scratches that will protect the baby from scratching him/herself.

Manicure tools
The manicure scissors are not to be used to cut babe’s nails. First, this tool should be individual, and secondly, it should be safe. The second condition is exactly the children's scissors with rounded tips. Children's tweezers can also be purchased. It all depends on the kind of manicure tool you are more comfortable using.
It is not recommended to use a nail file to work with children's nails. There is no special tool for children of this type; at the same time and an adult tool can damage babe's nail and the skin around it.