Chica-Chick was excited. She was going to Mr. Owl’s market nearby all by herself. Grandma Hen had asked her to buy one tomato and two avocados.
On her way there, Chica-Chick skipped and sang, “Un tomate y dos aguacates.”

Soon she saw her friend Rabbit.
“Would you like to play hopscotch?” Rabbit asked.
“No puedo. Voy al mercado,” said Chica-Chick. She kept on walking and singing, “Un tomate y dos aguacates.”

Then she saw her friends the Chipmunks.
“Would you like to jump rope?” they asked.
“No puedo. Voy al mercado,” said Chica-Chick.
“Un tomate y dos aguacates.”

When she arrived at the market, Mr. Owl greeted her.
“Hi, Chica-Chick. What would you like?”
“Un tomate y dos
aguacates,” she said.
Mr. Owl handed her one
tomato and two avocados.
Chica-Chick paid for her
groceries, put them into her bag,
and skipped back home.

“Thank you,” Grandma Hen said when Chica-Chick came in. “You’re a great helper! Do you want to help cook, too?”
Chica-Chick thought for a minute. She loved helping her grandma, but she also loved playing with her friends. Finally, she said, “¿Puedo ir a jugar?”
“Of course you can go play,” said Grandma Hen.
“You’ve already helped me a lot.”

said Chica-Chick
as she ran outside
to play with her