New Can be fun

Tex and Indi were on their way to day camp.
“I loved camp last summer,” said Tex.
“Me, too,” said Indi. “I hope everything is exactly the same.”
“Some things will be the same and some things will be different,” said Dad. “Just remember, different and new can be fun, too.”

When they arrived, Indi looked around.
The counselors were all new, and so was the rec center.
“Yikes, everything looks different,” she said.
“My stomach hurts. I think I need to go home.”
Just then, a friendly teenager wearing a silly hat came over. “Hi. I’m your camp counselor, Jumping Jack. You’re just in time for the name game!”

The campers formed a circle and called out their names as they tossed a big beach ball back and forth. The kids laughed a lot. Before long, Indi forgot she ever had a stomachache.

“So how was the first day of camp?” Mom asked when she picked up the twins that afternoon. “Fantastic!” said Tex.
“Super fantastic,” said Indi. “Dad was right.
Different and new can be fun!”