“We haven’t been to the pool for a whole year,”
said Indi. “I’m afraid I won’t remember how to swim.”
“Don’t worry, I remember everything,” said Tex.
“Copy me, and you’ll be swimming like a shark before
you know it!”
“Hmm,” said Indi. “I think I’d rather be a dolphin
than a shark.”

At the pool, Tex and Indi met their new swim
teacher. “I’m Sandy,” she said. “Are you two ready to
start your lesson?”
When Indi saw the cool, blue water, she forgot
about being afraid and jumped right in.
“It feels so good!” she said. “Come on, Tex.
What are you waiting for?”

“Um, I changed my mind,” said Tex. “I don’t think I
feel like swimming.”
“Lots of people feel nervous when they haven’t done
something for a while,” said Sandy. “Why don’t you sit
on the edge and get your feet wet?”

Soon, Tex was making big splashes with his feet,
and before long, he was ready to put his whole body in.
“Hey, dolphin!” he called to Indi. “Here comes
a shark!”