Scientists: drinking alcohol even in small portions atrophies your brain | Added: 18, August 2017

The results of the study showed that it worsens cerebration, and in particular your memory.

Oxford University specialists have concluded that alcohol, when taking small doses, atrophies the brain; this information is reported by The BMJ. According to a recent study, alcoholic beverages worsen the brain as a whole, and also have a negative effect on memory.

It is known that there is a belief that alcohol in small doses does not cause any harm. Specialists challenged this information, proving that alcohol is harmful in any dosing.

In the course of the study, scientists used data from thirty years of observations of people over 40 years old and pictures of their brains. 550 randomly selected people were brought to a memory and intelligence test.

As a result, it turned out that there was no positive effect from taking alcohol once a week. At the same time, taking 140 grams of alcohol over the same period, there was a noticeable negative effect. These people had problems in the hippocampus and the center of memory, they showed worse results in intelligence in comparison with other people of the same age.

In this case, the more people drank, the more noticeable was the negative impact of alcohol.

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