List of Synonyms and Antonyms of the Word: Baptize

List of Baptize Synonyms

List of Baptize Antonyms

Phrases commonly used with : Baptize

  • Baptise or Baptize
  • CWC Baptize the Bridge
  • Go Baptize Teach Make
  • Baptize Camp
  • Baptize Crown
  • African American Baptize
  • Sprinkling Baptism
  • Baptized in Water
  • Christian Baptism
  • Baptizing a Cat
  • The Baptism of Holy Spirit
  • Baptism of the Holy Ghost
  • LDS Baptize
  • Bible Baptize
  • Baptize in a Tub
  • Baptize by Water
  • Baptize Name
  • John Baptizes Jesus Craft
  • Baptize Me with Fire
  • I Baptize You with Water for Repentance
  • Baptized in Fire
  • John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus
  • Dove Jesus Baptism
  • Woman Baptized
  • Preschool Crafts for Baptism
  • And He Will Baptize You with the Holy Spirit Fire
  • But He Will Baptize with Holy Spirit
  • I Baptize You in the Name of the Now
  • For One Is Coming Who Will Baptize Us with the Holy Spirit and Fire
  • I Baptize You Jesus
  • Can I Baptize Someone
  • Baptize Mine
  • Command to Baptize
  • Come Baptize Us
  • Disciples Baptize
  • Go Teach Baptize
  • Yousei Teikoku Baptize
  • Fire and the Holy Ghost Baptize You With
  • Baptize Them in the Name of the Father
  • I Baptize You John
  • I Baptize with Water But
  • Baptize You
  • But He Will Baptize You with the Holy Spirit
  • I Baptize You
  • William H. Johnson Baptize Thee

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