This vitamin makes life longer for those who have intestine cancer | Added: 12, August 2017

As a result of the research, vitamin D helps to live longer life for people with colon cancer.

The results of the previous study showed that people with higher level of vitamin D in their body, the risk of developing colon cancer is lower.

Scientists headed by Dr. Kimmie Ng from the Boston Cancer Institute conducted a new study involving 304 women and men with colorectal cancer. Between 1991 and 2002 scientists studied the effect of vitamin D for people who have colon cancer. It turned out that in fact this vitamin has a positive effect on a human body.

The researchers found out that patients with the highest level of vitamin D, have 50% lower risk of dying from colorectal cancer than participants with the lowest level. 132 patients passed away because of the disease during the study.

Scientists plan keep studying the effect of vitamin D on colon cancer. Researchers believe that it is necessary to include vitamin D in the therapy of this type of cancer and to study the results in detail. Scientists think that even sunbathing can extend your life.