Research: veggie chips are less useful than conventional ones | Added: 12, August 2017

Many vegetables can be transformed into chips, that we consider to be useful rather than common ones.

However, as found out by nutritionists, one of your favorite "healthy" snacks may appear not so healthy.

A study conducted by a certified nutritionist Charlotte Sitting-Reid reports that vegetable chips can be harm your body than regular chips.

In particular, it was found out that the standard a standard vegetable chips pack can contain only two thirds of vegetables; all other ingredients are salt and oil.

This leads to the fact that the fat content in each pack is growing faster exceeding the level of other snacks, which are traditionally considered non-healthy.

For instance, according to the report, the 40-gram pack of Tyrells vegetable chips contains more fat (14.3 grams) than the same portion of salted Pringles chips and almost twice as much as in the Mars bar (8.6 grams).

"Products that are often considered to be a healthier alternative "for instance, vegetable chips get you more preoccupied because they do not always correspond to their reputation," - explains Sitting-Reid.

"Chips stay chips and even if they are made from vegetables, they are likely to contain too much fat, saturated fats and salt. In fact, vegetable chips have a higher level of saturated fat and salt than some well-known, regular chips brands" explains the nutritionist; she also adds that some people can afford to eat twice as much if the product or food is treated as a healthy diet.