YouTube video hosting has lifted the ban on monetizing content related to COVID-19. However, some exceptions still remained.

Despite the significant easing of restrictions, the service still prohibits monetization of the following types of videos:
· Unreliable medical information. Video that report false evidence of COVID-19.

· Video with dangerous challenges and sweepstakes. It is forbidden to publish videos related to COVID-19, where, as part of tasks or raffles, participants perform actions that are dangerous to health, for example, being intentionally in contact with the virus.

· Videos that can cause emotional shock. This category includes videos with scenes of the suffering of people from the coronavirus.

This is an incomplete list. Other exceptions are possible.

It is also noted that the yellow monetization icon may still be displayed next to the COVID-19-related videos:
Recommendations for creating COVID-19 content:
· Verify the authenticity of the information. Focus only on data from reliable sources such as WHO, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, etc. A list of official resources for residents of different countries and regions is presented here.

· Be mindful of others. Keep in mind that the situation with coronavirus is a global problem that has not yet been resolved. Do not post coronavirus infection content to harm viewers.

· Follow monetization and community rules.

It should be recalled that earlier YouTube allowed monetization of videos related to the coronavirus to a limited number of channels. Now this change affects the entire platform.